RMG Exposed Picks from our Director of Finance and Administration Olinda Casimiro

With RMG Exposed coming up this Saturday, our staff are sharing their photo picks for the auction. Check our the selection from our Director of Finance and Administration, Olinda Casimiro. It’s not too late to buy your ticket – we hope to see you at RMG Exposed!


TimMcGhie – Regent Park

Tim McGhie, Regent Park:
I have always been interested in the “house” and how people make them their “home”. This image captures the tear down of an apartment building in Regent Park, Toronto. The “cookie cutter” formula applied to mass housing offers the occupier slim options on how to make the space their own, here, we have is a glimpse of some painted walls, enough to confirm occupancy. Domestic and landscape architecture have transformed our understanding of parks and buildings, this photograph begs the questions, how does one alter a two dimensional structure environment to provide personalization that allows its occupants to create memories?  Will the replacement multifamily house in the end produce anything that looks, feels and inspires growth in its inhabitants? How do we make use of our living spaces, how do we change them and how do we leave them–after all, our house is a house that is like the life that goes on with it.


Jessica Thalmann – Scientist

Jessica Thalmann, Scientist:
I found myself drawn to this image over and over again, there is a wonderful sculptural element — as if, it almost wants to fall off the wall. Only after some contemplation, did it reveal to me the “Scientist” in the background. There are layers in this photograph worth exploring, including the choice of rainbow-like colours, the subject includes both of things past and future. The colours and their three dimensional shapes perhaps reveals an insight into the mind as it works through the challenges presented in the era that the Scientist created great leaps of growth….science, silent sound and colour juxtaposed together create evocative emotion that naturally allows for engagement and dialogue when viewing this work.

Carolyn Doucette

Carolyn Doucette – Great North American Landscapes Vol.3 #3

Carolyn Doucette, Great North American Landscapes Vol.3 #3:
This work forces the viewer to challenge the way life has changed and what life may be through intervention. Does a dilemma exist in the world today? The interaction of yesterday as observed in the raw landscape which with human ignorance will die, with tomorrow, does the barcode, which is a language understood by the computer have the ability to replace nature? Although beautiful, the barcode, which is represented by a colourfield negative waterfall, appears foreign. It forces the viewer to ponder the complexities that exist in today’s world –nature vs structured human manipulation. There are connections between human and nature all around us, here, the vastness of nature dominates, I am attracted to the beauty of the human geometric elongated rectangles against natures rugged outdoors. I like it – a lot!


RMG Exposed 2013 Winners Announced

On the evening of Saturday 9 November, 2013 we hosted RMG Exposed 2013, our annual fundraiser and Juried Photography Competition, during which we handed out the awards to emerging local and national photographers. RMG Exposed is open to photographers of all ages and career levels. It provides exposure to emerging photographers and raises awareness about both the gallery and contemporary photography. From hundreds of entries, the jury selected works to be auctioned in a Silent Auction format, and 10 works to be professionally framed and auctioned in a Live Auction format. The prints were generously donated to the RMG by the photographers and all funds raised from the auctions support educational and community programming.

Thank you to all participating photographers, the event sponsors, our volunteers, The Doozies for their great performance, Melissa Bies for hosting our craft beer tasting bar, and all who attended to make the evening a great night. Click here to visit the RMG Exposed website and learn more. 

The 2013 RMG Exposed Prize Winners:

RBC Emerging Photographer Award for Best Overall Submission  

Prize: Spring 2014 Solo Exhibition Project at the RMG including $2000 Artist’s Fee


Winner: Jonathan Groeneweg, Bleecker Street CO-OP Garden

Sponsored by RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities

Best Photojournalism/Documentary

Prize: Portfolio Review with Stephen Bulger Gallery


Winner: Lindsay Lauckner, Painted Portraits

Sponsored by Stephen Bulger Gallery

Best Landscape/Architecture

Prize: $300 Pikto Gift Card


Winner: Jason Brown, Canada Rocks, Middleton, PEI, 2011

Sponsored by Pikto

Best Conceptual/Non-Representational

Prize: $300 Concrete Contemporary Prize


Winner: Carolyn Doucette, Cruising the Inside Passage: Glacier Bay

Sponsored by Concrete Contemporary Auctions and Projects

Best Student

Prize: $200 Robert Aldsworth Photo World Gift Card


Winner: Sarah Novak, Aware

Sponsored by Robert Aldsworth’s Photo World

Canadian Content Prize

Prize: $400 cash


Winner: Ralph Nevins, Prairie Winter Take2

Sponsored by Independent Project Managers

Community Choice Award

Prize: $400 cash

Sean Langworth-Skateboard_Shadow

Winner: Sean Langworth, Skateboard Shadow

Sponsored by College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology