RMG Exposed Photo Picks – Sam Mogelonsky

In the lead up to RMG Exposed 2015,  the RMG’s fundraising auction of juried photography, our staff will be sharing their favourite photos on our blog. View all the photographs at rmgexposed.ca

Sam Mogelonsky is the RMG’s Manager of Marketing and Communications. She holds a BFAH in Fine Art and an MA in Sculpture. Her current work looks at the intersections between installation, photography and process. She is drawn to abstract compositions and most of her collection consists of a limited color palette. Sam is always looking at growing her collection, which has started to take over her tiny apartment!

Sam’s top picks for RMG Exposed are:

Jassica-Thalmann_ScientistJessica Thalman – Scientist: I am drawn to this work due to the sculptural nature of the composition. The texture of the image is really what drew me initially to this image as well as the intricate process involved. The colors are vibrant, as well as black and white, so this would fit really well into my collection.

Sarah Sand Phillips – Untitled Photographs of Canada No 6:
I have been following Sarah’s work for a while and am, really interested in her process. This project in particular caught my eye to the relationship between the faded print and our lost memories. The photograph has an ethereal and hand drawn quality to it that keeps me looking at it again and again.

Gary-Greenwood_Ca-Pesaro-MuseumGary Greenwood – Pesaro Museum: There’s something really bizarre about this photo that I just love! The leg of the figure is cut off by the doorway and creates a sense of mystery. As someone who spent the first 5 years of their museum career as a gallery attendant, I totally might have had my leg in a few images like this one.


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