Thomas Bouckley Collection: Share Your Musical Memories of Oshawa


As the popularity of RMG Fridays–a night of free music and culture at the RMG every first Friday of the month–can attest, Oshawa’s music scene is thriving. The current Thomas Bouckley exhibition, Music to Our Ears: Oshawa’s Music History, looks back at Oshawa’s history of producing both homegrown talent as well as musical instruments.

Included in the exhibition is a bulletin board where visitors can post and share their musical memories of Oshawa. The response has been great! Here are a few examples of memories shared on the bulletin board:

Busker Bros. performance @ RMG blew me away with their talent & use of delay pedals.

I got my first black eye at a Sloan concert at the Moon Room when I was 13.

I have fond memories of both performing and listening to music at the Memorial Park Band Shell.

I saw Mendelson Mainline at the Polish Hall in the 60s.

Oscar Wilde said that “Music was the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” We invite you to continue to share your music memories of Oshawa either online here in the comments section or in person at the gallery, on our bulletin board.

Join us on Thursday, 7 June  at 7pm for a lecture about the history of music in Oshawa, followed by a performance by the Oshawa Civic Band—the earliest musical group in Oshawa’s history (formed in 1870). Free to attend.




  1. Did you know that Ramones, Johnny Cash, and The B-52’s all played Oshawa in their prime? I didn’t until fairly recently. This is just a sliver of the legacy that’s being lost and it baffles me. But at least those acts all have copious amounts of biographical texts. What about the Durham bands that have been forgotten or are fading away? With online photo albums and cheap home recording software today’s acts stand a better chance of never completely disappearing but we owe it to ourselves to dig up those old photos and recordings and stories and share them as well. These bulletin board memories are all perfect starting points for larger stories. I would love to read some zines about The Velvet Elvis, The Dungeon, The Shwaltz, and the Star Club. Who’s going to write them?


  2. My fondest memories of music in Oshawa happened mostly at the Jube and the Civic Auditorium back in the 80’s. In my 20’s then, and enjoying a much more carefree lifestyle I listened to some great acts and had some of the best times of my youth. Some of those artists included the late great Jeff Healey, David Wilcox, Kim Mitchell, Nazareth, Teenage Head, Alice Cooper, Doug and the Slugs to name a few. Wow, how I miss those days. Now I try to see as many shows as I can that interest me at the GM Centre and the Regent but the atmosphere just isn’t the same as those small venues. Oh well, I guess that’s just the way it goes. I will always love Oshawa!


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