Community Curates Week 1

Welcome to the inaugural week of our Community Curates project! In order to curate an exhibition that will be on from 23 September, 2011 to 11 March, 2012, we need your help!

The RMG permanent collection includes over 1300 works on paper that are stored in our vault in solander boxes to maintain their condition. Works on paper especially are susceptible to damage from light and as a result they aren’t as often shown in our gallery spaces. We wanted to share some of these hidden gems and have our visitors decide which ones will be shown.

Here is our first week’s selection of images. You are able to vote for your favourite and the top 2 selected will be hung in the gallery space. Stay tuned each week as 5 new selections are posted for your votes!

What will the community curate from our collection? We are looking forward to finding out!

Week 1:



1. Isabel McLaughlin (Canadian, 1903-2002)
Untitled  n.d.
watercolour over graphite on paper
Gift of the estate of Isabel McLaughlin, 2003




2. John Lander (Canadian, 1951 – 1992)
At Chanteclair  1973
serigraph on paper
Purchase, 1976 




3. John Street (Canadian, b. 1942)
Untitled  1971
serigraph on paper
Purchase, 1973



4. William Blair Bruce (Canadian, 1859 – 1906)
Looking Towards Le Havre  1885
oil on paper
Purchased with the assistance of the Government of Canada through the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, 1986



5. Alan Flint (Canadian, b. 1958)
Lost  1995
woodcut on paper, A/P
Gift of Ihor Holubizky, 1998





  1. the spirit and the hope of the time: retired and surrounded by friends.Reminiscent of Turner.


  2. Love this idea of a truly “public” gallery, and I love the selected piece in particular. More contemporary and current art, please.


  3. Thanks for asking about our recent Riopelle acquisition, Mt. Roland. You can see it prominently displayed in our permanent collection installation Hardwired for Narrative.


  4. I love the idea of the public gallery. I am looking forward to seeing what comes up next in our choices, and how it will run in the end! Yay for community currates!Great Idea!


  5. It was difficult to choose without the actual size of each individual artwork not included in the post!


  6. Thanks for your comment Gerald. We’ve purposely left sizes out of the selection process in order to maintain an element of surprise for the final exhibition. Part of what makes this project interesting is the dynamic between an online interaction with an artwork and seeing it in person.


  7. What a great idea! Yet another great way to get the community involved in our wonderful cultural life here in Durham Region.


  8. John Chandler At Chanteclair I thoroughly enjoy any kind of artistic whimsy. I love the colour and the almost faceless participants. I find this piece timeless.. It could be friends sitting comfortably, sharing a good story, it appears, at any time or age.


  9. I love the John Lander piece, serious, peaceful, colourful,playful. Just some of the thoughts that come into my mind. Makes me wonder what was happening, makes me think. Would love to see more of his work! My big vote is for #2!


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