Oshawa Art Association Juried Show

Juried Art Exhibitions offer artists an opportunity to show their work in a gallery and have their work reviewed by an impartial group of judges. Often this results in awards like “Best in Show” or “Best Drawing” and the awards are presented with prizes. Artists can use these awards on their artistic resumes, gaining momentum in their careers. Many artists use juried shows to make contacts, meet other artists, seek commissions and exand their audience. Some use it just to get used to their work being publicly shown.

This Thursday the Oshawa Art Association Juried Show opens here. Awards and celebration of the show start at 7pm. This show has been happening for over 40 years, and includes Oil, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Original Prints and Drawing. New this year is a “People’s Choice” award selected by ballot.

Other Juried shows in the Durham area include the PineRidge Arts Council Juried Show and the Uxbridge Arts Association Juried Show.

Below are some snapshots from last year’s juried show!

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Oshawa Art Association

PineRidge Arts Council 

Uxbridge Arts Association



  1. Hi Sarah, Sorry to say but the time for entry has passed. Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll keep you posted for next year’s show entry times! All the best, RMG


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